Upcoming Events

The conferences below both present wonderful opportunities to become acquainted with the public uses and significance of history. It’s always worth checking the Twitter feed of a given conference for an aggregation of a session’s live-tweets (on Storify). Some sessions will also be recorded and made available online.

1) AHA History Career Diversity Conference at UNM: “What Use Is History: Scholarship, Skills, and Careers, 26-27 February.


2) “Telling Untold Histories: A Public History Unconference” 10 April, Rutgers University-Camden.

“Telling Untold Histories is the first unconference in the South Jersey/Philadelphia region that will bring public historians and historical organizations together to tackle historical topics that, just a few decades ago, would have been unthinkable—from the history of slavery in the north to the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire, from the lives of gays and lesbians to Japanese internment—to present a more complete narrative of our past. Join us to explore the hows and whys of engaging subjects that challenge our audiences’ expectations and expand their thinking.”


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