Exploring Possibilities

If you’ve been thinking about entering another field than faculty, you might have come face-to-face with the massive vortex that is the internet search function. Entering something like “museum curator,” or even “history museum curator” with the relevant sub-field of history will likely net huge results, unfiltered between job ads, a smattering of articles, legitimate professional sites, and someone’s one-off blog post.

There’s a lot to navigate until you encounter relevant, helpful information.

I’ll be updating this site with links to relevant sites for different fields on an ongoing basis. For now, here are some general guidelines.

How to find out general information about a field?

Identify relevant websites

Easier said than done, perhaps, but most helpful is focusing on professional organizations whose materials will give you a lay of the land.

For museum curators (or other museum professional roles), for instance, a search will point to the American Alliance for Museums, with tabs for  “careers and jobs HQ” and “professional networks.”


Job Descriptions as Sources

Networking: A How-To Guide

Informational Interviews 



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