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The conferences below both present wonderful opportunities to become acquainted with the public uses and significance of history. It’s always worth checking the Twitter feed of a given conference for an aggregation of a session’s live-tweets (on Storify). Some sessions will also be recorded and made available online. 1) AHA History Career Diversity Conference at UNM: “What […]

Advice, Tools, General Resources

I’ve only just begun developing this site, and will continue aggregating resources on a regular basis. Do check back!


Don’t Be Afraid of Going to Graduate School In the Humanities

Ph.D. students rethink the tenure track, scope out non-academic jobs.

Getting to the Malleable PhD Resource Sheet

The Malleable Ph.D. Mini-Conference

Jobs on Toast: How to Get a Job After Your Ph.D. Chris Humphries

How to Leave Academia

CV to Resume Resources Lee Skallerup

Where are all the PhDs?

Resources for an Expansive Job Search: Humanities & Social Sciences Anne Whisnant

What’s Your Favorite Resource? Josh Boldt


Versatile PhD Meet-Up

PhDs at Work


AHA Mellon Career Diversity Conference at UNM

Beyond Academe   Lexi Lord

Digital Tools for Historians