Policy: A Brief on What You Need To Know See what I did there? (couldn’t help myself). The policy field might appear the overly wonk-ish domain of Hard Social Science types who use lots of graphs. And in a way, it is. But it’s also a surprisingly good fit for historians, and most decidedly a field […]

Exploring Possibilities

If you’ve been thinking about entering another field than faculty, you might have come face-to-face with the massive vortex that is the internet search function. Entering something like “museum curator,” or even “history museum curator” with the relevant sub-field of history will likely net huge results, unfiltered between job ads, a smattering of articles, legitimate professional […]

Upcoming Events

The conferences below both present wonderful opportunities to become acquainted with the public uses and significance of history. It’s always worth checking the Twitter feed of a given conference for an aggregation of a session’s live-tweets (on Storify). Some sessions will also be recorded and made available online. 1) AHA History Career Diversity Conference at UNM: “What […]